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Loans with no requirements

Choose loans with no requirements, so you can get the money you need without having to worry about your credit score.


Term (days)


Digido loans


0.1 - 0.4%

Percent, per day

1000 - 10000 PHP


10 - 180 day


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from 143%

Review time:

1 day

Early Settlement:






21 - 70 years old





Proof Income:


Disbursement & Repayment

Disbursement time:

1 day

Disbursement methods:

Bank Account;

Repayment methods:

GCash; Dragon Pay; Online Payment;

Pros & Cons


Fast processing of the application within 24 hours

There are no additional payments. Only payments under your loan agreement


If you do not pay on time, the credit company may charge you an additional penalty


Digido is an online lending company that has a state license and permissions to provide lending services. You can apply for a loan simply and quickly through the company's website, remembering the registration form. The answer to your application will come within 24 hours and within 24 hours after approval you can receive money to your bank account


Kviku Personal Loans


Percent, per day

1000 - 25000 PHP


60 - 180 day


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Know more about loans with no requirements

If you have no income and need urgent cash, you may encounter some challenges getting the financial assistance given that most lenders will have loads of requirements that need to be met. Some will ask for a payslip, others will demand an asset that can be used as collateral or a guarantor who can repay the borrowed amount in an event of a default. Not all people meet these requirements, some are not employed and others have no regular income, assets, or even good credit history. All of these stand against getting the fast loan; cash that may be needed to sort out an emergency. However, with the increased focus on financial inclusivity in the country, there is hope for this segment of borrowers. We have several loan Philippines no requirements lending financial institutions that have come up with products that cater to borrowers with no income, employment, or assets. They are offering cash loan without requirements to borrowers who meet the criteria set by the lending institutions.

Loan with no requirements

 A loan with no requirements accords a borrower who may not qualify for collateral or secured personal loan, an opportunity to meet their financial needs. With this type of loan, a lending institution advances a prequalified amount to a borrower without asking for documents. However, the borrower being high risk will be charged a relatively higher amount of fee or interest. The amount loaned should be paid within a stipulated period. The online loan Philippines no requirements credit is an opportunity for a borrower without income, employment, or asset to finance their needs. Chances of getting the loan depend on a number of factors such as credit history, and the amount borrowed among others.

How to increase the chances of getting a loan

A borrower can boost the chances of getting a personal loan through the following measures:

  • Cleaning up your credit ratings where you check whether your report has any errors and correct them, getting on top of your payments by paying more than the recommended installment. When you make timely payments as well as be ahead of the installments, you are helping to boost the payment history as well as credit ratio, two factors that have a great influence on the FICO score.
  • Rebalancing the debt and income through boosting your earnings. One of the ways is looking for a side hustle or working harder to get a pay rise at your job. Doing this boosts your debt to income ratio, increasing the chances of getting higher loans.
  • You can boost your credit score by requesting a relatively smaller amount of loans at a time. When you apply for more than what you need, lenders see you as a risky borrower.
  • With an increased number of lenders offering fast loans, you may be tempted to make multiple loan applications in hope of getting some or all. This only makes the borrower look desperate as well as increases the chances of being denied credit. Additionally, if you fail to get the loans, you will have hurt your credit score making it even harder to get future loans.
  • Select your lender with caution, comparing the different types of loans that are offered by each. One way of increasing your chances of success is concentrating on those that offer loans with no requirement. While at it, avoid those who be aiming to keep you in permanent debt due to their high fees.

Lending companies providing no requirement for credit

The number of lenders advancing personal loans without requirements has been increasing in the Philippines. They include Robocash, Oneclickmoney, Quickpera, Cash Mart, Loan Load, Asteria, Perajet, Pera247, Tala, Lone Ranger, and Money Match among others.

Once you have identified a lending company, check on their offers and make a decision.

Calculating interest and loan payments

When taking a loan with no requirement, you need to determine the amount of interest that will be paid on the amount advanced as well as the regular credit payments that you will be making. This information will help you decide on whether to take the loan, determine the amount that you can comfortably pay, or even select the lender who meets your expectations. One tool that can help you in this is a loan calculator. This tool will help you visualize the monthly payments as well as the total cost of the personal loan. The calculator will take into consideration all the variables including the fees and insurance among others. Calculating interest and payments using the loan calculator does not require much effort, all you need is to key in the figures. For instance, the amount you want to borrow and your preferred repayment period. Most of the lenders provide a loan calculator, helping the borrower to get a clear picture. This calculator has taken into consideration all the variables that apply to your loan. Just key in the figures and get the whole picture. If you are not sure about how this is done, seek assistance from customer support or loan officers.

Loans with no requirement provide those with no income or employment an opportunity to meet their needs. Several financial institutions are offering a loan to the group. This segment of borrowers as well as those with poor credit history can take advantage of these loan products to improve their credit rating.

Frequently Asked Questions about the fast online loans in the Philippines with no requirements

1. Which types of loans do not require documents?

There are several types of loans that you may not be required to produce supporting documentation. They include Payday loans, Mobile instant loans, government personal loans programs, and unsecured personal loans among others. 

2. Can I get a loan if I have no income?

Yes, a person with no income can qualify for a loan. There are lenders offering loans for the unemployed if they meet the requirements. One thing that you need to note about this type of quick cash loan is that the interest rate that is charged, the repayment period as well as a host of other factors will be different from credit offered to a person with income. These loans can be obtained in form of payday loans, secured loans, or government personal loan programs for people with no income.

3. What loan does not require proof of income?

A personal loan with no requirements on income, assets, or employment offers a borrower a chance to meet their quick cash needs. However, since the borrower is regarded as a high risk, the amount that will be charged in terms of interest will be relatively higher compared to other types of loans.

4. Where can I borrow money instantly in the Philippines?

Several financial institutions in the Philippines offer cash loans instantly, for example DiGiDo, MoneyCat, Online Loans Pilipinas, Kviku, UnaCash. A borrower will need to make a formal application using mobile phones and if they meet the requirements as set by an online lender, they will get money in their mobile wallets within a short period.

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